Borsa UA x Project Rock 90

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Men's Project Rock 90 Bag

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DNA prodotto

"Project Rock non è un marchio, è un vero movimento. Il principio di base è che non mi interessa minimamente di che colore sei, quanti anni hai, da dove vieni o cosa fai per vivere. Mi importa solo di te e di me, essendo profondamente convinto che, nonostante le difficoltà, possiamo farcela e raggiungere i nostri obiettivi: ma tutto dipende da quanto siamo disposti a impegnarci."—Dwayne Johnson
  • La tecnologia UA Storm offre una finitura altamente resistente all'acqua, in grado di contrastare gli elementi
  • I materiali in tela pesante offrono il massimo della durevolezza
  • Spallacci HeatGear® imbottiti e regolabili per tanto comfort in più
  • Grande moschettone Project Rock in metallo
  • Griglia in Hypalon per più punti di ancoraggio
  • Ingresso con zip laterale allo scomparto principale e scomparto superiore per riporre gli oggetti con coulisse elastica regolabile
  • Svariate tasche interne per favorire l'organizzazione tra cui 2 tasche isolanti con zip per tenere al fresco spuntini o bibite
  • Fascette in Velcro sul fondo per trasportare facilmente la cintura zavorrata
  • Morbido scomparto foderato per computer portatili —può contenere un MacBook Pro® fino a 15 pollici o un portatile di dimensioni simili
  • 2 manici in gomma modellata
  • Dettagli in metallo e dispositivi di regolazione delle cinghie
  • Loghi piatti ricamati
  • Etichetta in tessuto sul retro con un messaggio ispirato di The Rock in persona
  • Dimensioni a pieno carico: 33,2 x 33,2 x 72,8
  • Capacità: 49 litri
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

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Almost great

Great bag outside the computer pocket. The pocket is too small and very uncomfortable when it does make it in this pocket. Pretty surprised this got past R&D. Would love it if this bag fixed this design flaw, then of course I would have to buy another SMH.

Fell apart.

Fell apart with a change of clothes, gym gear and a laptop. Really disappointed given the price of it. The design is poor also - the top compartment is impractical in terms of weight bearing.

Not for your 15" laptop

Don't buy it thinking you can fit your 15" mac book

Nice bag, but everyone was right about the laptop pouch

To start off I’m not big on writing reviews, but I felt the need to do so for this bag. I saw it online and was pretty excited to get it for traveling, especially since it had the laptop holder. I read the reviews and figured, it’s not going to be that bad. Well, I was wrong. The laptop pouch is right on your back, if you wear it like a backpack, making it an uncomfortable spot. On top of that, it doesn’t fit a 15” laptop. I have a MacBook Pro 15” and trying to squeeze it in, it doesn’t have the capability of zipping up. It sticks out slightly width wise, and barely squeezed in length wise. Aside from that, the material is nice and it’s a durable bag. Pretty pleased with that. However, I’m very disappointed with the laptop design though and hurts the over all rating of the bag. If under armour reads these, I hope they hire a new creative specialist who can calculate measurements more accurately, and redesign this. Moreover, allow those who purchased this a chance to trade it in for the design that actually fits a 15” laptop, in a more ergonomic place on the bag. Giving the Champ’s people, the chance to utilize the full potential of the bag.

Awesome Bag minus the laptop pouch

The bag is awesome but the laptop sleeve is not well placed in the back and size is too small. The bag for going to the gym is awesome I even use it as a carry on in flights with my gym must haves in there. And might I say it looks awesome!!



Great Bag but does NOT fit 15 inch computer.

Overall this is a great bag and has very good quality. However, it does not fit a 15 inch macbook. I orginally got the 60 because it advertised that it fit a 15 inch. It had a hard time fitting a 13 inch. I got on chat with someone and called UA customer service and they both ensured me that the 90 would fit. It does not, it is the same size pouch as the 60. Other than that it is a really great bag, I'm going to keep it and just throw my computer in the main pouch but I really wish the computer pouch fit the computer.

Perfect for anything

Using it for the gym and it couldn’t be better. Able to keep anything I need and more. Also great for going on holiday as it’s perfect for carry on luggage and going to the beach.

One detail ruins it all.

First of all I'm a huge Under Armour fan and have dozens of items which have never let me down. The new duffle bag from the new The Rock Collection was the bag I was looking for, for a long time. It's big enough to carry all your workout gear to work, to hit the gym afterwards immediately. The design is amazing and They put a lot of good thoughts in it. Like the snaphook, the cases for your food etc. It has also a case for a laptop. The material is good looking too and it's indeed waterproof. Now the big weakness which ruins the whole experience for me. It's the shoulder straps. They don't hold at all. For the size of this backpack the straps don't provide any stability, maybe only when it's empty. If you carry the backpack and you move your shoulders the straps release themselves. You have to readjust them over and over again. Wearing it on a bicycle is impossible because the straps loosen if you stear. This backpack was the item I was looking for a long time. Unfortunately doesn't fulfill my expectations for that high price.

Confortable and big enough for work and training

I was looking for a long time for a duffle bag that is a back pack where I can put my training stuff, laptop and work stuff. And there was that bag! First of all it looks small but I can put my shoes, clothes, gloves and straps, 1 or 2 shakers, my 2L bottle, towels... There are 2 exteriors pockets where you can put small belongings like keys, pens, phone charger, etc... A useful hook. Inside, 3 small pockets, a big space on the top an other space. And finally, a protected pocket at the bac where my laptop and few documents can fit! Really big confortable straps. Nice resistant fabric. Good finitions. I love that bag!