Borsone medio UA Undeniable 3.0 da uomo

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Borsone medio UA Undeniable 3.0 da uomo
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Borsone medio UA Undeniable 3.0 da uomo

DNA prodotto

Il nostro collaudato borsone ha raggiunto la terza fase della sua evoluzione, e continua a migliorare. Caratterizzato dal classico logo Under Armour, straordinariamente capiente e realizzato con materiali estremamente resistenti, questo è il borsone indispensabile per i tuoi allenamenti quotidiani.
  • La tecnologia UA Storm offre una finitura altamente resistente all'acqua, in grado di contrastare gli elementi
  • Pannello inferiore e pannelli laterali robusti, resistenti all'abrasione
  • Ampia tasca anteriore con chiusura a cerniera
  • Tracolla HeatGear® imbottita e regolabile per il massimo comfort
  • Manico superiore imbottito
  • Ampia tasca ventilata per gli indumenti da lavare o le scarpe, una tasca in mesh e una grande tasca aggiuntiva con cerniera per una migliore organizzazione
  • Anello d-ring sul pannello anteriore per un punto di ancoraggio aggiuntivo
  • Dimensioni: 65 x 30 x 35 cm (larghezza x lunghezza x altezza)
  • Volume: 56 litri
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Great sized bag, little long shoulder strap though

Pretty good bag, great size for me. In the main section I keep 8 Blender Bottle tubs with pre & post workout shakes in along with a short foam roller, armaid & work clothes as I go to the gym first thing in the morning. Then in the sides I keep training shoes & shower sandals on the vented side, wash stuff on the other & towels on the mesh side pocket. All this fits with space to spare, not a huge amount but a good amount. I do find the shoulder strap a bit long, even when shortened but not much of a bother. Bag quality seems good, with good zips. Hope that helps people get an idea of the size.

Large sports bag but nicely made and does what I want.

My old swim bag was always a little too small for clip boards etc I had to take to the pool. This one is maybe a little larger than I need (can't satisfy everyone) but fits everything easily and keeps the wet kit separate from the dry kit. Plus: it is just the right size for the cat's day bed, thank you.

  • Cat says the bag is very comfortable, thank you.

Beste Sporttasche

Ich habe mir die Tasche bestellt, weil ich zum Ju-Jutsu immer einiges an Sachen mitschleppen muss (Anzug, Handschuhe, Schuhe, Stock...) Und diese Tasche ist ein wahres Raumwunder. Das extra Schuhfach istz besonders klasse. Kein Vollstinken der Klamotten. Die Tasche verfügt zudem über noch ein paar weitere Verstautaschen. Trageriemen für die Schulter ist vorhanden und abnehmbar. Das Material der Tasche überzeugt mich auch gut. Sehr robust.

Great bag for the gym. Great price

Good size bag for trainers and gym kit. Plenty of zipped pockets and compartments. Nice design.

This bag I the balls

Well it’s a bag. Not much can be said about bags but I’ll try. Easy to clean, loads of pockets for all my gym gear and personal items. Looks good, can take a fair old weight on the shoulder strap as I tend to over pack on a daily basis It’s bigger than it looks online but this isn’t a negative Price is great. Very happy

Un petit détail et il serai très très bien

La taille au dessus été beaucoup trop grand donc j ai pris ensuite celui-ci Taille nickel seul bémol la poche latérale devrais être plus grande pour permettre d y placer facilement des chaussures et les séparer ainsi du reste du sac Sinon beau produit

Great bag!

Fantastic bag. Took a while to arrive, but it's a fantastic size. Great to take to the gym when I need to pack winter jumper, boots, hair dryer, towel etc. I can easily fit everything in and there are two sizeable end compartments and a length ways front pocket too! It's very sturdy and looks very smart. Very good value. I'd highly recommend!

Solide Sporttasche

Stabile Tasche, das Nass- bzw Schuhfach fasst locker ein paar Sportschuhe, Badelatsche und ein Handtuch. Der Platz im Inneren der Tasche wird dadurch natürlich kleiner. Der Reißverschluss der Außentasche an der Längsseite ist für mich nicht so günstig angebracht, er ist sehr nahe an der Befestigung der Träger.

Couleur marron/camo decevante

Couleur " camo " décevante avec le logo qui ne redsort pas asser, qualité a voir dans le temps .

Ideal gym or weekend bag

Bag Perfect bag for a gym session or a weekend to 3 days away. Bag has great strength to carry all your necessary kit for a gym session and can easily fit a few pairs of shoes and couple of sets of clothing!