Boxerjock® UA Original Series 15 cm da uomo

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Boxerjock® UA Original Series 15 cm da uomo
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Altezza modello: Taglia: Vestibilità: Attillato
Boxerjock® UA Original Series 15 cm da uomo

DNA prodotto

Domanda a qualsiasi uomo che l'abbia indossato: niente batte l'abbigliamento intimo di UA. I boxer Original Series presentano eccellente elasticità e ripristino della forma, rimangono aderenti, espellono il sudore e ti mantengono fresco.
  • Attillato: Aderente alla pelle senza compressione
  • Tessuto HeatGear® liscio e leggero e patta con pannello in mesh articolato
  • La struttura elasticizzata in 4 direzioni garantisce maggiore mobilità in ogni direzione
  • Il Sistema di trasporto del sudore verso l’esterno espelle il sudore e permette un'asciugatura rapida
  • Il Sistema Anti Odore previene la proliferazione microbica responsabile della formazione di cattivi odori
  • Fascia in vita performante
  • Patta funzionale
  • Cucitura interna: 15 cm
  • Poliestere/Elastan 133 g

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Sceptical at first but now very pleased.

Not normally a fan of Boxer Jocks however brought these for sports use and am well impressed, now worn all the time due to comfort and fit and have since bought many more pairs.

Retro UA Original 6 Inch Boxers

After reading a few of the reviews I have to agree, what happened to your product? I have 8 pair of your Original series UA 6 inch Boxers that I purchased over 10 years ago. I have since bought at least 3 versions of your UA Boxerjocks and can't say that any of them are as comfortable as the old ones. In fact the only time I wear them is when we go on a long trip and don't have enough of the old ones to get me through the trip. If I could buy a dozen pairs of your the original, Retro UA 6 inch 2XL Boxes I would. Your new version's don't fit the same and have all the issues that are listed in the reviews, waist band rolls up, underwear wedgies, material is not as silky, etc, etc. I would actually pay a premium for the Retro Series as long as they were the same as the old version.

same size selected and actually different when tried on

I bought many of these and in different years all of which are small(SM) in size. the first two was a bit loose and the following four are a bit tight. this time I bought some and find that though they are all in SM some are shown as sm 180/76A and some are 165/70A. so obviously, this tells us the size scale is keeping changing? since they are private cloth I won't make any return. the tight ones would only be used when do some highly tense activity, and loose ones will be used as leisure daily gear.....

un tissu incomparable.

Bonjour, Ce modèle est parfait. Le tissu est doux. Séchage ultra rapide. L'élastique ne se plie pas en deux après plusieurs lavages. Le modèle est moulant sans comprimer les hanches. La qualité est parfaite. J'en suis à ma troisième commande. Cordialement.


Best boxers. I will not wear anything else! Theyre snug and supporting but don’t restrict. I wear these everyday and have done for over five years. I do feel they have gone slightly lighter and made them more silky look and less of a softer cotton feel, but that doesn’t bother me like the T-shirts do as I can’t stand the sports T-shirt fabric that are like Velcro on my skin.

Not okay

I have many UA boxer briefs and these have to be the worst of them! (I just went back and read the reviews and clearly others feel the same way. The main issue is the waist band, they will not stay up in the back, it seems like they didn't put enough elastic in it or something, so good luck keeping your butt covered. The second issue is the material, it is not as soft / comfortable as previous versions. I am sure they were just trying to cut costs, but will not be ordering these ones again.

Au top, ne remonte pas, vraiment la meilleure marque de caleçon

Conseillé à des amis qui sont conquis à leur tour. Vraiment au top. Finis les caleçons qui roulent et remontent de manière fort désagréable, ça ne bouge plus

super produit.

Bonjour, je suis ravi de mon achat. Le tissu est doux, moule bien le corps, la taille est correcte, ni trop grande ni trop petite. Pas de transpiration ni d'effet humide sur la peau. L'élastique de taille est large et ne roulotte pas au porté. Les jambes ne remontent pas. J'en ai acheté 3 (2 noirs et 1 gris acier à la ceinture plus discrète). Je n'achèterai plus que ce produit. Cordialement.

Best undies

Fits like a glove. Love the pouch at the front. Everything goes where it should. No riding up at all. Lovely fabric. Wife seems to like them too. Would recommend

Poor sizing but good quality.

Very large for an xl, certainly way too baggy for a 37 waist.