Calzamaglia ColdGear® Run Storm da donna

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Calzamaglia ColdGear® Run Storm da donna
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Calzamaglia ColdGear® Run Storm da donna

DNA prodotto

Ecco i leggings ideali per continuare a correre anche nelle giornate più fredde. Leggeri, elasticizzati e traspiranti, si asciugano rapidamente e sono straordinariamente caldi.
  • Compressione: Ultra aderente come una seconda pelle
  • Il tessuto ColdGear® a doppio strato presenta un esterno liscio ad asciugatura rapida e un interno spazzolato che trattiene il calore
  • Il materiale elimina il sudore e si asciuga molto velocemente
  • La struttura elasticizzata in 4 direzioni migliora la mobilità in ogni direzione
  • I pannelli in mesh dietro le ginocchia assicurano una maggiore ventilazione
  • Ampia vita elasticizzata ricoperta per una vestibilità estremamente confortevole
  • Tasca per il telefono con chiusura a cerniera nascosta nella cucitura laterale
  • Dettagli riflettenti per una maggiore visibilità in condizioni di scarsa illuminazione
  • Zip di 15 cm lungo la gamba
  • Cucitura interna: 71 cm
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These are the best running tights for cold runs

I live in Fairbanks, Alaska, it is April 30th today and it was 15 degrees this morning. These are my favorite running pants for spring runs here-I have worn them in temps as cold as 0 with the wind chill and they do great. I keep my cold runs 30 minutes or less for safety reasons but these are my favorite for these runs. I have a couple pair and I've worn them multiple times a week for a few years and had no tears, issues with seams, etc. I can't rave enough about how much these are integral to me getting outside especially in the recent lockdown, with gyms closed. I'm 5'10" 158 pounds and a medium fits me perfectly, they never start to fall like some leggings either, I can complete a 5-8 mile run in cold or warm weather and they stay put.

MEH?!? Beware of cell phone pocket

At first I absolutely loved the feeling of these leggings, they were comfy when walking or running. But then after a couple uses i noticed some major flaws one of which made then unusable. First off, I would not consider them true cold weather leggings since I wore them outside when it was 40 degrees out and my leg muscles seized from cold about 2 miles into my run. The zippers at the bottom are a little of an annoyance, the are fine if you are just using them for running, and never kneel. But if you go up and down for other sports such as yoga, HIIT, or just have children the zippers dig into your ankle when kneeling. My biggest complaint is the zippered pocket for your cell phone is an awesome idea in context, but after a sweaty run on the treadmill I really needed to pee and I had my phone in its pocket. When pulling down the leggings the thigh seam ripped out! Quite bummed after only about a month of use.

Was Great until first wash

I got these leggings a gift for Christmas from my parents. When I saw them and put them on for the first time, I was in love. Unfortunately, after just one wash the logo was already starting to fade, and the seams on the butt and legs are starting to separate. I was expecting a higher quality on these leggings which was why I asked for them. So disappointed and I wish I had bought them myself so I could return them. :(

So far so good

Fits well in the waist and thighs. The cuff is loose for me but I’m short so maybe that’s why. Not super warm but felt like I was protected from the cold for the run.

Great for trail runs

I have worn these for two trail races and they were great. The pants didn’t move, had great compression, and kept me warm. I wore them for a race on a mountain and one near the river in freezing weather. Really wonderful.

Great for weightlifting

I use these primarily for weightlifting. These are expensive (apparently if you want a pocket on your pants you have to pay $$$), but worth it. They have all the features I was looking for: pocket for holding my phone, zippered ankle openings that are wide enough to easily get on and off over my muscular calves (finally!), and vents in the back of the leg to help keep me cool.The zippers don't stick out and cause discomfort. The waist height is perfect and the tights don't move when I'm doing deadlifts, squats, etc. I really like the stripe detail on the side of the pants as well. You can't see in the photo, but there's a darker black thick stripe going down the sides that adds a sleek touch and sets them apart from plain black tights. I just bought a second pair of these. For the price I hope they last a while, especially the phone pocket since that was mainly why I bought them. I needed to replace a pair of Under Armour pants that I wore for a few years and the elastic started to get weird. I'm 5'6" and bought a medium and the pant length is perfect and not too short.

Comfortable and flattering

Very comfortable, washing and wearing well and are flattering

Excellent gear for the cold weather

These workout tights are amazing, comfortable, stylish and keeps me warm in the colder seasons! Highly recommend. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great for distance running in the cold!

I run long distances and I found these tights to be great for all different types of workouts during the winter. They're comfortable and light but still keep me warm. Even though there's a zipper on the bottom, there's fabric that prevents it from cutting into your leg - an issue I've experienced with other tights. I ordered a small (my usual size) and found it to be perfect. I will say, that if you're looking to run in temperatures below 20 with a wind chill, you'll probably want something that's lined (as they aren't) and a little warmer. But they are perfect for everything else. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Used Trekking Nepal

I bought these to use for a month of trekking in Nepal, including a climb to over 20,000 feet. These were super comfortable for the whole trek either as a top layer on their own or as a combination layer. I imagine they would be excellent in the gym, outside running or comfy around the home. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]