Capri UA RUSH Crop da donna

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Capri UA RUSH Crop da donna
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Altezza modello: Taglia: Vestibilità: Compressione
Capri UA RUSH Crop da donna

DNA prodotto

Questo capo tecnico è stato testato e verificato per migliorare forza e resistenza. È proprio così: il suo tessuto infuso di minerali assorbe l’energia che il tuo corpo produce, la assorbe e la riflette nei tuoi tessuti e nei tuoi muscoli, così puoi allenarti più intensamente e migliorare ancora.
  • Compressione: Ultra aderente come una seconda pelle
  • Il materiale con minerali integrati assorbe e riflette l'energia prodotta dal corpo su tessuti e muscoli, migliorando forza e resistenza
  • Pannelli in mesh in posizione strategica per migliorare la traspirabilità
  • La tecnologia antiodore previene la proliferazione microbica responsabile dei cattivi odori
  • Cuciture spostate in avanti per eliminare i punti di pressione e le irritazioni
  • Tasche per le mani aperte
  • Cucitura interna: 49 cm
  • Con tecnologia Celliant
  • Corpo: 82% poliestere/18% elastan
  • Pannelli in mesh: 90% poliestere/10% elastan
  • Prodotto importato
  • Il corpo emette

  • Il tessuto infuse
    di minerali assorbe

  • Il tessuto riflette
    l’energia verso
    tessuti e muscoli

  • Resistenza e
    forza migliorano

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Love these!

Super comfortable in fit and performance, and they look great. I am a Fitness Pro teaching Pilates, TRX and Functional Movement in private and group classes. My day starts at 7am and ends at 7pm. I need comfort and performance, these really hit the mark. Thanks Under Armour!

Huge fan!

I was hesitant to order these after reading reviews about their being see-through, but I am so glad I did! They feel great on- fit well with nice compression but are soft and comfortable at the same time. I haven't worked out in them yet so I suppose I can't say for sure if they pass a squat test, but I felt very comfortable wearing them at work in an athletic environment. Love the color- it's unique but still neutral- and they have a side pocket! I don't own many UA leggings but overall I was very happy with my purchase- so much so that it prompted me to purchase another pair of UA leggings shortly after!

My favorite!

Dünn,optimal für den Sommer, angenehm für die Haut. Macht jede Bewegung mit, eine praktische Tasche am Oberschenkel für Smartphone. Edler Glanz und vor allem die Farbe ungewöhnlich,dezent,trotzdem nicht so langweilig wie schwarz.

Super comfortable, but quite see through

It is so unfortunate that these are see through because they are great otherwise. Very secure feeling, they fit amazing, they are comfortable. But if you aren't wearing full coverage underwear you will see your butt when you bend over.

Wear a great pair of panties :)

They are definitely see thru... and not as close to the body as one would like no compression. Debated on returning but then had to wear them for a run one sunny hot day. Wear a skirt so as not to show all your goodies! They are great tights just seeeee thruuu :]

Top confort mais transparent

Enfin de compte je modifie mon avis. Quel dommage, il est clairement mon legging préféré niveau confort mais en effet, il est tellement léger qu'on voit un peu au travers


Je le trouve parfait, doux, beau et tres bien taillé, pour une fois que la taille baille pas. J'ai lu l'autre avis qui dit que le legging est transparent. Je penses qu'il y a malentendu. On peu avoir cette impression, mais pour moi ce n'est pas la peau qu'on voit, mais un effet lumineux, brillant, sûrement dû aux minéraux

Thin fabric, see through

Returning this! You can see everything, very thin fabric

See Through

These capris are super soft and look amazing on BUT they are see through. That's a deal breaker for me. Sadly, I am returning. UA, if you will make a version that is not see through than I will purchase.