Cintura UA Webbing 2.0 da uomo

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Men's UA Webbing Belt 2.0

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DNA prodotto

Questa cintura è stata progettata per assicurare flessibilità sul campo da golf, ma non stupirti se finisci con l'indossarla ogni giorno. Invece di una fibbia tradizionale, questa cintura presenta un pratico fermaglio totalmente regolabile per una vestibilità sempre perfetta.
  • La cinghia con struttura durevole offre una flessibilità ottimale
  • La fibbia a incastro in metallo e il bordino all'estremità presentano dettagli a rilievo
  • Lunghezza regolabile (taglia unica)
  • Reversibile con retro in tinta unita
  • Larghezza: 3,5 cm
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

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one size fits some

If your waist is a 42 or bigger this belt wont fit you well. Which is stupid. They could have easily added some extra length and let the consumer cut it down if needed since the buckle is easily moved. Huge disappointment.

Belt is not much

The belt end is too large for most of the belt loops in my shorts. It is a struggle to get the belt through them. It has square edges that are sharp. When sitting that sharp edge may dig into your stomach.

Super Qualität

Sehr formstabil angenehm zu tragen immrt wieder gern

Not a nice as expected from the photographes.

I’m not sure what I received is the same as the one photographed.

Not a nice as expected from the photographes.

I’m not sure what I received is the same as the one photographed.

Not very comfortable.

Very stiff. Nice part is you can adjust the length very easily.

Buena calidad todo genial

Buena calidad y se ajusta bastante a las fotos. STA bastate bien en general

Back Clasp does not tighten

This is the second belt I bought as I loved the first one. Unfortunately, on this purchase the clasp on the back does not tighten enough to hold the belt in place, and it simply slips out. The second issue is I purchased the belt in the USAwhile on vacation and have since returned to Canada and the closest outlet is not worth the drive to return it. That said, I loved the first belt, this one, not so much. Should I ever purchase another, I will be sure to unravel it in the store to ensure it closes tight enough.

cut and melt to size for the perfect fit.

sizing is almost always a problem with belts for me, not with this one, just cut to the perfect length, melt the cut edge a little bit (I used a lighter) and it fits perfectly which makes it look fitted and stylish.

UA webbing belt

It’s a nice belt does it’s job smart and comfortable