Leggings ColdGear® Armour da donna

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Leggings ColdGear® Armour da donna

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We took everyone's favorite cold-weather baselayer and made it even softer with a double-sided knit that eliminates the fuzzy underside while maintaining the same game-changing warmth.
  • Compressione: Ultra aderente come una seconda pelle
  • Il tessuto in maglia ColdGear® è leggero, traspirante ed elasticizzato per la massima libertà di movimento e offre un calore eccezionale
  • Il materiale elimina il sudore e si asciuga molto velocemente
  • La struttura elasticizzata in 4 direzioni migliora la mobilità in ogni direzione
  • La vita alta modellata offre un supporto ottimale ed esalta la silhouette
  • Tasca posteriore nascosta
  • Logo lucido
  • Cucitura interna: 71 cm
  • 91% Poliestere/9% Elastan
  • Prodotto importato

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Smaller Than Usual And Low Rise

I own 3 pairs of Under Armour leggings (heat gear) in a size small and one Windstopper pair in a medium that are a bit big but sweat generally keeps them up after 20 minutes of running. So I thought ordering a small in this would be fine. I also thought they appeared high waisted compared to other cold gear leggings. Unfortunately they barely cover my bottom cleavage! Not useful at all for running. I don't want to try in a size up as I think they will then fall down. The material is good so it's a shame the cut of them is so wrong. As others have said they are in the short side as well (I'm 5 foot 3), so if you are running in the cold as they are made for you'd need to pull your socks up.

Don’t buy It’s a waste of money!

The legging doesn’t stay up even when I walk, it’s not high waisted as it’s shown on the picture. Short and unflattering design disappointing!!!

Fits odd

I always take a medium in under armor and I couldn't even get them up to my waist and they are supposed to be "high rise." Ordered a large and the waist is too big and they fall down when I bend over. Also, do not have the fleece inside that all other cold gear clothing have. They are heavier weight and would probably be warm - if they fit.

thick material/too short

These tights are a think material that has less stretch compared to other UA tights. I am not sure if that is why they are so short - size small was a capri length on me (I am 5'7"). This is a bummer bc I was hoping to wear for cold outdoor runs and paddle season. My ankles will freeze. They also did not fit as "high waisted" on me compared to other high waisted UA tights. I really liked the old cold gear material with the fleece inside. This material is more like neoprene. It's not near as comfortable - maybe it tests warmer in some lab but I would love to see the old material come back...

Does not stay up

I tried these leggings out for the first time today. I purchased a large. They fit my legs snuggly, but the waist is too big. I pulled them up every few steps. Very disappointed in the fit.

should be high waisted

these fall on me after maybe 2 steps an there isnt enough stretch for them to actually fit. I would need to size up but I got an XL so i didn't have any choices there and I wonder if a bigger size would realistically work. i also think it would have been ok it it was high waisted casue the waist fall so often i no longer want to wear it. I bought 2 others so im going to still with those for now. I will say it looks really nice colorwise etc but too bad it doesnt fit.

Best Leggings on the planet

I love the fit, the fabric and the way they support me during a run. They are really true to size on the fit and they actually do regulate your body temp while running! I was nervous about the cost but they truly are worth the price and them some! I will buy these again... Great job UA signed happy runner in Utah

Too short

Who wants cold gear that is too short? Not me. These pants have very little stretch to them, so the 28" sticks exactly to 28". I want the no stretch compression, but a 30" inseam is a must in that case. A 28" inseam is not long enough for taller women who want to be active outside in the winter. I'm 5'9" for reference.

What happened to the quality??

I was super disappointed with these. I live in Northwestern North Dakota and I have been wearing these leggings in the winter for years. They have always been super comfortable and warm. I have a long torso and a small waist with wider hips and the length has always been perfect and doesn’t fall down when I’m running. And they truly stay insulated but don’t make you sweat. So imagine my surprise when I spent a pretty penny (which in the past was more than worth it) and found that my most favorite winter time leggings of all time are totally different. First, they aren’t as long in the leg or waist. Second, they no longer have any fleecey stuff brushed on the inside which definitely effects the warmth factor. And third, they are not as tight/smoothing as my other identical pairs in the same style and size are. I’m 33 so there is no way it’s my body that has grown taller or that my torso has lengthened. When I walk or run they slide down my butt. And I’m constantly having to tug them up. The only difference I can think of is that in the past I’ve always bought them from a store like Dunham’s or Runnings and this year I purchased them directly from the website. So maybe these are like a cheaper made version?? Very disappointed.