Maglia a manica corta UA RUSH Compression da uomo

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Altezza modello: Taglia: Vestibilità: Compressione
Maglia a manica corta UA RUSH Compression da uomo

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DNA prodotto

Questo capo tecnico è stato testato e verificato per migliorare forza e resistenza. È proprio così: il suo tessuto infuso di minerali assorbe l’energia che il tuo corpo produce, la assorbe e la riflette nei tuoi tessuti e nei tuoi muscoli, così puoi allenarti più intensamente e migliorare ancora.
  • Compressione: Ultra aderente come una seconda pelle
  • Il materiale con minerali integrati assorbe e riflette l'energia prodotta dal corpo su tessuti e muscoli, migliorando forza e resistenza
  • I pannelli in mesh assicurano una ventilazione strategica
  • La tecnologia antiodore previene la proliferazione microbica responsabile dei cattivi odori
  • Struttura con collo basso e maniche raglan modificate
  • Con tecnologia Celliant
  • Importato
  • Il corpo emette

  • Il tessuto infuse
    di minerali assorbe

  • Il tessuto riflette
    l’energia verso
    tessuti e muscoli

  • Resistenza e
    forza migliorano

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Consigliata...ottima maglia d'allenamento

Davvero una maglia d'allenamento consigliata, al tatto il tessuto è morbido, rimane incollata sulla tua pelle. La uso per allenamenti all'aperto e in palestra, prezzo un po' più alto rispetto alle altre la differenza c'è.

Not bad.

This past month, I invested in 4 UA tops (2 Recover - compression and shirt, 1 Baselayer 3.0, and this Rush Compression). Overall, its not a bad compression shirt. I have a few Baselayers, and its not my favorite. But Its not bad. The overall look is good. Rush technology did make me feel a bit more energized, but that could also have been the compression. The issues that come up are: 1. The shirt tends to hike up, while wearing it. So perhaps a longer cut would be helpful. 2. The paneling is questionable. For UAs premiere Rush technology, I question the paneling they used in the design. I understand how seams can benefit underlying muscles. I don't mind the seam down the frontside obliques, the seam down the lateral delt, or that the panels go over the traps. What I have issue with is the front/anterior panel over the chest and abs. It looks like an umpire vest. My compression is black and I'm a Personal Trainer, so it looks good on me. But if you look closely at that front panel, it just looks off. One last message to UA - please consider placing the rip off care instruction label from the left side to maybe the shirt hem. Especially on compression shirts. They are quite irritating to the body, and most don't want to remove them so they know how to care for their shirts. Thanks.

Helps muscle during intense workout

I will usually have quad cramps every time I do longer and higher climb than my normal mountain bike limits especially without electrolyte drinks. 1st time i used the RUSH compression shorts, it had allowed me to bike at the said upper limits and complete it with just water hydration and no cramps! It really works.

Great Shirt... sized differently from other UA products

I really like the look, feel and performance of this shirt. However, I think there was a factory defect with the sizing. The large was more like a medium, but when I went to a retailer months later to purchase another one, the fit was totally different and the shirt was larger. I would expect that issue to now be resolved. This line should have more colors. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Strange decision on the sizing

Potentially a great top, but S is ultra-tight, whilst M was far less tight. Very odd. Why the big difference between an S and M?

Qualität mangel

Leider löst sich der Faden am Kragen nach kurzer Zeit

Zit niet lekker

Andere shirts zitten prim, maar deze voelt niet lekker op het lichaam

Iets te krap kraagje

Shirt zit goed strak op de plekken waar je dat wil, (schouders/borst) en qua lengte beter rekening gehouden met de het gebruik in vergelijk met andere compressie shirts. Ademt prima ook met het hele weer

Far too small

Had to send mine back. I’m either a S or M, ordered a M and it’s super-tight. Doesn’t feel comfortable either. Doesn’t feel hugely special? Just a basic compression top. I’d think twice before committing to this.


Am Bund (Halsteil) löst sich nach kurzer Tragedauer ein Faden und das Teil hat dann nicht mehr die Spannung und sieht auch nicht gut aus. Das darf bei einem hochwertigen Produkt nicht passieren.