Scarpe da allenamento UA TriBase™ Reign da uomo

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Quando vai in palestra, hai bisogno di sentirti il più possibile a contatto con il suolo. Ogni stacco, ogni ripetizione e ogni WOD parte dal basso. La tecnologia UA TriBase™ ottimizza l'aderenza al suolo con tre punti di contatto per offrire una base bassa ma stabile che favorisce la naturale flessibilità del piede.
  • Realizzate per gli allenamenti più intensi in tessuto ristop e mesh resistente, offrono sostegno, leggerezza e la massima resistenza alle abrasioni
  • La tecnologia TriBase di Under Armour utilizzata per la suola assicura il massimo contatto con il terreno nei punti più strategici, offrendo una maggiore flessibilità verso l'alto per favorire la fluidità dei movimenti e una flessibilità superiore verso il basso per garantire la massima aderenza al suolo in fase di stacco
  • Il contrafforte esterno assicura maggiore stabilità e sostegno al tallone
  • Soletta in schiuma Micro G® su tutta la lunghezza per un'ammortizzazione estremamente reattiva
  • La suola interamente in gomma è più alta e avvolgente in corrispondenza delle pareti laterali e mediali per garantire maggiore durata e resistenza alle abrasioni e presenta una struttura antiscivolo nella parte mediale che assicura la massima aderenza
  • Elemento in gomma posizionato strategicamente tra la base dell'alluce e la punta del mignolo per una maggiore aderenza al suolo
  • La costruzione dal profilo più basso assicura maggiore sensibilità e potenza nei movimenti
  • Sottopiede non rimovibile
  • Differenziale: 2 mm
  • Peso: 292 g
  • Prodotto importato

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Significantly different from their predecessor.

My daughter and son-in-law gifted me with the Reign's predecessor training shoe about a year ago so that I would have plenty of stability during my weight training regimen. They provided that, but also sufficient flexibility for me to follow-up 30-minutes' brisk walk and an inclined treadmill. My dogs never barked. The TriBase Reign is significantly stiffer. That's good news for someone deadlifting umpty ump pounds and they work well for me in the weight training part of my workout. But now I must tote along a second pair of shoes for my walking regimen. One session in the Reigns and I'd blistered my Achilles tendon area and was experiencing an ache along the base of my instep. Hence my mixed-bag review. If you solely are looking for a stiff soled, stable, good looking trainer -- these are that and maybe more, I'll find out. But try walking and the dogs will growl and howl.

Very uncomfortable shoes

They look good but are the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever bought. The shoes rubbed the back of my heels raw, literally bleeding.

Tough to put on!

Very comfortable shoe but very tough to put on. Tight in the middle of the shoe. I need to purchase a shoe horn.


Bin mit dem Schuh zufrieden, einzig das Fußbett könnte noch besser sein.

Runs Small

All my casual wear shoes are UA so I figure I could wear these for CrossFit in place of the Metcons. After my first wear, I had blisters on the back on my heel/achilles because the shoes are very tight and rub. I could not wear them for the second workout due to blisters/cuts on my achilles. I am having to double over my socks to pad my heel so they will not rub. I am through a full week of wear and hope there is a break-in period that I have to get through for these.. The sole of the shoe is fine but the arch to the heel is tight fitting. This is not a problem I have with Metcons in the same size.

No Lateral Stability

I wore these through bodybuilding, HIIT, and Crossfit workouts. They are comfortable and stable for the bigs lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench and versatile enough for most HIIT. They fell flat with jumping rope —single and double unders. They hurt so bad and my foot cramped so much I finished the workout in socks. I think the cause is the complete lack of lateral (side to side) stability in the shoe. These are good looking shoes and it’s nice to have an UA option for functional fitness training. I am looking forward to buying the next generation with the hopes the lateral stability gets addressed.

Lacks Comfort

I’m a huge UA fan. In fact, if I’m not at the firehouse you’ll most likely see me decked out from head to toe in UA gear. I was pumped when these were released and bought them as soon as they were available. They rubbed quite a bit on the inner arch of my feet, leaving me with blisters. I thought maybe there was just a “breaking in” period or something. Have given these shoes multiple tries and continue to get the same result...blistered arches at the end of every workout. Pros: they look great, get compliments on them all the time. Super grippy sole that allows for aggressive cuts/maneuvers while training. Buuuut, my feet feel miserable after use. That’s just been my personal experience with these.

Not worth the money

Too expensive for what it is. I really wanted to like these shoes but Underarmour let me down.

Not a happy customer

Overall disappointing as I was the case with a second pair of shoes in my recent order. These reminded me of the quality of training shoes from years ago - not good for this price. Poor fit and won't stand up to any serious training but then maybe they were just designed for show although when you do get to see them for real I'm not sure that they are good for that either.


Definitely do not buy! Cheap materials and overpriced.