Scarpe da corsa UA HOVR™ Guardian da uomo

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DNA prodotto

La nostra prima scarpa che assicura vera stabilità è l'unica che vorrai indossare ancora. Il sostegno ottimale e la piattaforma stabile consentono una falcata più efficiente. E maggiore supporto è esattamente quello che ti occorre per continuare a correre chilometro dopo chilometro.
  • STABILITÀ: per chi cerca una scarpa ancora più strutturata e ammortizzata
  • CONNESSIONE DIGITALE: la tecnologia Record Sensor™ di Under Armour registra, analizza e memorizza ogni dato della tua corsa, in modo da sapere esattamente cosa devi migliorare
  • La tecnologia UA HOVR™ fornisce una sensazione di "assenza di gravità" che favorisce il ritorno di energia, riducendo l'impatto sul terreno a ogni passo
  • La rete di compressione Energy Web contiene la schiuma UA HOVR™ che si modella e restituisce tutta l'energia delle tue falcate
  • La tomaia in mesh strutturata, estremamente leggera e traspirante, fornisce un eccellente sostegno nei punti strategici
  • L'inserto posizionato nella zona mediale guida la falcata e aiuta a ridurre la pronazione in appoggio
  • Il rigido contrafforte esterno offre un sostegno ottimale che assicura la massima stabilità della parte posteriore del piede
  • L'intersuola in EVA fustellata su tutta la lunghezza si adatta alla forma del piede in modo da prevenire slittamenti e offrire un comfort ottimale alla pianta del piede
  • La soletta in EVA assicura reattività e un'eccellente ammortizzazione
  • La robusta suola in gomma protegge le zone ad alto impatto per una maggiore durata senza aggiungere peso
  • I cuscinetti in gomma al carbonio posizionati strategicamente sotto il tallone della suola garantiscono maggiore aderenza e durata nelle zone ad alto impatto
  • Dettagli riflettenti per una maggiore visibilità in condizioni di scarsa illuminazione
  • Differenziale: 8 mm
  • Peso: 326 g
  • Prodotto importato

    Schiuma UA HOVR™ + rete Energy Web per ridurre la forza dell’impatto
    e restituire tutta l'energia dei tuoi passi


    I profondi intagli di flessione e la piattaforma stabile assicurano
    un'andatura ammortizzata e fluida, chilometro dopo chilometro


    Si collega perfettamente alla app UA MapMyRun per fornirti un allenamento
    personalizzato basato sul tuo passo, cadenza, lunghezza
    della falcata e distanza, con o senza telefono

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Great shoes - poor digital connection

Just finished a half marathon race. Shoes were great for comfort- especially as I pronate and I have had no plantar fasciitis issues (something that has been an issue in the past). The disappointment is the digital connection. Yes it does connect to the Apple Watch ‘Map my Run’ app very easily at the beginning but it doesn’t hold the connection to the watch all the time. As a result the half marathon I finished read as 17km completed and not 22km. I don’t know who to point to here either: 1) UA on the shoes; 2) UA on Map my run; or 3) the Apple Watch but even on a 5km it can lose the connection so the whole experience of data gathering and analysis is disappointing.

Color was too female

The red was brighter then I thought it would be. The shoe is great the color makes it a little uncomfortable to wear. I will order other shoes .

My UA Guardian

I am really impressed with the new UA Hovr technology. The shoe is not too spongy but has a prefect balance between being soft and comfortable and at the same time helping you run faster. The Bluetooth is just a bonus really. I can connect my shoes to the app which is connected to my watch, easy as that. It’s a really great show for someone who is pronating but does not want such a huge adjustment in the shoe.

Felt good when I put them on, but disappointing results on first run

I have had issues over the years with my knees and achilles that have been solved for the most part in part by switching to stability shoes. I have been wearing the same model for about 4 years from a different manufacturer. I was intrigued by the "connected-ness" of the UA HOVR and decided to give the Guardian a try. When the shoes arrived, they looked great, and felt really comfortable when I first put them on. They paired up with my phone without any issues and started recording steps as I walked about the house getting ready for my first run in the new shoes. Everything was fine for the first mile and then I started to get tightness/discomfort in my right achilles. I was only able to make it 2 miles (I routinely go about 5 miles during the week) before the pain was at a point where I knew I'd be setting myself back a week or more if I kept going. So, unfortunately, I had to return the shoes. I really wanted to like these shoes. Maybe I have developed a style that is suited for the shoes I've been wearing for so long.

Great comfort and form well to your feet

I just started running and I couldn’t have picked a better shoe how the shoe contours to your ankle is amazing I’m very shocked at how well they contour also they are very comfortable

Parfait pour le running

Utilisateur des Guardians depuis environ 1mois 1/2, elles ont fait leur premier semi-marathon ce week-end. Confort et efficacité au rendez-vous ! Et que dire des métriques collectées et consolidées dans l’app, un vrai coach personnel qui nous indique quels sont les points à améliorer (longueur de double foulée, ...). Hâte de courir à nouveau pour voir si le premier ressenti est toujours le bon !


Fühlt sich leicht, aber komplett sicher an. Optimal


Very nice shoe, was impressed with the data the app (and shoe created). Comfortabel and light easy to put on and good support at the ankle (as needed). Only thing I can 't find is the lifetime of the battery can we switch it or does it charge by movement(perhaps)

Good shoe

I've put some miles on these shoes and really like how comfortable they are. I measured my foot and went by the chart that UA provided then went 1/2 size up and they fit perfect. This shoe is not really designed for trail runs though they are a little too tall for that. But on the track on the street or fire roads, no problem and plenty of cushion. I bought these because of my low arches and have had issues when I tried to use neutral shoes. I don't have issues with these shoes just need to find a good trail running shoe now. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great Shoe! Super comfortable!!!

I switched from Brooks to these UA and don't see me going back. Great Shoe!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]