Scarpe da corsa UA HOVR™ Infinite Wide 4E da uomo

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Scarpe da corsa UA HOVR™ Infinite Wide 4E da uomo
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Scarpe da corsa UA HOVR™ Infinite Wide 4E da uomo

DNA prodotto

Quando abbiamo deciso di sviluppare la migliore scarpa da corsa neutra, abbiamo chiesto ai fondisti professionisti di che cosa avevano bisogno. Ci hanno risposto: ammortizzazione, rimbalzo, durabilità ed efficienza. Passa alla corsa perfettamente fluida di UA HOVR™ Infinite. Ideali per ogni occasione, dalle corse lunghe alla distanza di corsa di base, e perfino per le giornate di recupero. Non appena le indosserai, avrai l'impressione di poter correre per sempre.
  • NEUTRE: per chi cerca un giusto equilibrio tra flessibilità, ammortizzazione e versatilità
  • CONNESSE DIGITALMETE: la tecnologia Record Sensor™ di Under Armour registra, analizza e memorizza ogni dato della tua corsa, in modo da sapere esattamente cosa devi migliorare
  • La tecnologia UA HOVR™ fornisce una sensazione di "assenza di gravità" che favorisce il ritorno di energia, riducendo l'impatto sul terreno a ogni passo
  • La rete di compressione Energy Web contiene la schiuma UA HOVR™ che si modella e restituisce tutta l'energia delle tue falcate
  • La tomaia in mesh strutturata, estremamente leggera e traspirante, fornisce un eccellente sostegno nei punti strategici
  • Il rigido contrafforte interno offre un sostegno maggiore che assicura la massima stabilità della parte posteriore del piede
  • L'intersuola in EVA fustellata su tutta la lunghezza si adatta alla forma del piede in modo da prevenire slittamenti e offrire un comfort ottimale alla pianta del piede
  • La soletta in EVA assicura reattività e un'eccellente ammortizzazione
  • Le scanalature flessibili posizionate anatomicamente offrono una flessibilità adeguata nelle aree strategiche
  • La robusta suola in gomma protegge le zone ad alto impatto per una maggiore durata senza aggiungere peso
  • I cuscinetti in gomma al carbonio posizionati strategicamente sotto il tallone della suola garantiscono maggiore aderenza e durata nelle zone ad alto impatto
  • Riflettività a 360º per una maggiore visibilità in condizioni di scarsa illuminazione
  • Differenziale: 8 mm
  • Peso: 306 g
  • Prodotto importato

    Schiuma UA HOVR™ + rete Energy Web per ridurre la forza dell’impatto
    e restituire tutta l'energia dei tuoi passi


    I profondi intagli di flessione e la piattaforma stabile assicurano
    un'andatura ammortizzata e fluida, chilometro dopo chilometro


    Si collega perfettamente alla app UA MapMyRun per fornirti un allenamento
    personalizzato basato sul tuo passo, cadenza, lunghezza
    della falcata e distanza, con o senza telefono

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Super comfortable

Huge upgrade from the cheap 50$ running shoes from Under Armour.

Great shoe

Having a large and wide foot it is hard sometimes to find that right workout shoe. This shoe fits me great. I have a 13 size foot with a 4 E width. When I put them on the first time they fit great. Did not have to break them in like most work out shoes I get. This is the first time to purchase UA products and with the success of these I will continue to purchase.

High tech für die Füße

Ich hatte zuvor schon den gleichen Schuh in meiner Größe 43 und in anderer Farbe bestellt. Dann stellte ich fest, dass er mir zu klein war, bestellte 44er, um erst dann erfahren zu können, dass es eine Version für breite Füße wie meine gibt. Also wieder rein in den Karton (ja, ich weiß, Umweltsünde, aber in meiner Nähe gibt es keinen Laden, der UA in guter Auswahl hätte) und neu bestellt. Rücksendung und -erstattung sind perfekt organisiert. Der Schuh ist auch für mich Laienläufer eine sehr positive Überraschung. Er ist sehr leicht, bequem und doch zweckmäßig. Typisch Mann, ist für mich auch die Bluetooth-Verbindung mit mapmyrun ein Plus. So könnte ich schnell herausfinden, dass ich eigentlich völlig falsch gelaufen bin bisher. Dank meiner Schuhe!


Der Laufschuh passt ausgezeichnet, er ist super zum Tragen. Leider klappte die Aufzeichnung des Laufes nicht wie angegeben (Schrittlänge, Laufrunde)

Absolutely Love em

I wanted these mainly because I'm a bit of a nerd and I have always used Mapmyrun as my run keeping app. So as these are compatible with said app I just had to get them, Plus my other trainers were at the end the of there life from various mud runs and a few hundred miles behind them. My first impression upon receiving them was how light they are and well styled. I do have quite wide feet so naturally they are super comfy too. Now for the nerd bit. As these are fitted with a little chip/sensor in the right heel they can sync up with UA Mapmyrun app and monitor how you run through your phone...WOW!! Setting up was fairly straight forward and once done they will sync up with your phone as soon as you open the app and get ready for a run/workout (providing bluetooth is on and data etc) I love the tips and graphs they provide about stride length and pace and all manner of things to help improve how you run. You even earn badge for milestone to keep you motivated. I've had them about a month now and in that time I've worn them for 4 official 10k runs and I have to say they are brilliant and again the comfort is second to none. As they are basically straight from the shelf without any of my gate analysis or measurement they are the comfiest running treads I've ever had. I will be back for another pair in a couple of hundred miles and maybe just maybe they might be even better next time. But overall Brilliant footwear and leading the way with the technology built in.

  • Graph analysis of my run showing stride length and pace vs target range. I love it

Great quality shoes.

I'm a little disappointing in the flexibility of the step tracking—example: not being able to sync with apple health—but otherwise, I really like these shoes. The soles are very shock-absorbent, allowing me to jump from greater heights without hurting my joints, and the tread is very high quality and hasn't faded at all yet. The shoes are also pretty comfortable, though at times they do feel a little bit heavy on my feet, but that's mostly due to the thickness required by the battery. Overall, great shoe. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

This is a very good shoes

The coolest feature about the shoes are they are Wi-Fi Tracking on you’re running or you’re walking just Around good shoes [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Bequem, leicht, smart

Der Schuh passt bei mir sehr gut, obwohl ich einen breiten Fuß habe und daher häufig die Schuhe zu eng sind. Die smarte Vernetzung funktioniert sehr gut im der UA-App. Egal ob auf dem Laufband, beim Jogging draußen oder in der Freizeit, ich trage diesen Schuh einfach gerne.

  • Crossfit, TRX, Bodypump oder Six-Pack-Attack, immer mit meinen UA-Hover!


I use these for long distance power walking /hiking ordered the wide 4E pair because I wear thicker hiking socks with them.UA also do standed fittiing to. I like the fact that you dont need your mobile with you to sinc your steps/distance exe .i do live these trainers but I am limited to where I can go hiking if its rough terrain but power waling in the city on even ground great. Ihope UA in the near future will make Hiking boots/shoes with this technology

Muy cómodas y adaptables

El alojamiernto del pié es rapidísimo, acomodando toda la planta con una suave presión en la cavidad. Deberían mejorar el cordonaje, tratando de conseguir más facilidad para tensionar el ajuste superior de la zapatilla. Casi perfecta en todos los aspectos técnicos.