Scarpe da corsa UA HOVR™ Sonic 3 da donna

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Scarpe da corsa UA HOVR™ Sonic 3 da donna
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Leggera quasi quanto una scarpa per le brevi distanze, ma con un'ammortizzazione maggiore, la scarpa da corsa UA HOVR™ Sonic ha riscosso un successo immediato tra i runner che prediligono le distanze, ma desiderano maggiore flessibilità. E ora, grazie alla funzione di Form Coaching in tempo reale di UA MapMyRun™ che ti aiuta a diventare un runner migliore, UA HOVR™ Sonic 3 è il modello che hai sempre sognato.
  • NEUTRE: per chi desidera flessibilità, ammortizzazione e versatilità
  • La tecnologia UA HOVR™ fornisce una sensazione di "assenza di gravità", favorendo il ritorno di energia e riducendo la forza dell'impatto sul terreno
  • La rete di compressione in mesh Energy Web contiene la schiuma UA HOVR™ che restituisce tutta l'energia dei tuoi passi
  • CONNESSIONE A UA MAPMYRUN™: traccia e analizza i dati delle tue corse per aiutarti a diventare un runner migliore
  • Tomaia Microthread ad asciugatura rapida per una calzata aderente e traspirante che garantisce forza e leggerezza
  • La linguetta è fissata al sottopiede mediante alette di supporto flessibili per mantenere una calzata avvolgente su tutto il piede
  • Contrafforte esterno in TPU per maggiore sostegno e struttura
  • L'intersuola rimovibile si adatta alla forma del piede per garantire un comfort e un'ammortizzazione personalizzati
  • La gomma soffiata sotto l'avampiede e la gomma altamente resistente all'abrasione sotto il tallone aiutano ad assorbire gli impatti con il terreno
  • Differenziale: 8 mm
  • Peso: 229 g
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  • NOTA: Contiene componenti non adatti a essere smaltiti insieme ai rifiuti generici

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Comfortable from the start!

These shoes are very comfortable and didn't require any breaking in for me. They were also true to size, I usually wear an 8 in all sneakers and these were perfect. I haven't run a ton in these yet but they have been great for walking.

Soooo comfortable

These have to be the most comfortable running shoes I've ever worn. The technology is cool, too, but I'm so happy with how they feel on a run or a walk.


I have been running in UA shoes for a very long time. Since the original Geminis. The Sonic 3 look BA as far as the colors and style but I don’t like them. I tried to “break them in” but gave up on them. My original Sonic didn’t need broke in. Under Armour creates an amazing shoe (Gemini 1 and Sonic 1) and then they change it with every gen. The Sonic 3 uppers are constricting, less breathable and run smaller. The material doesn’t adapt to the shape, movement and activity when they are on causing them to get weird creases on them in the toe area, which you can see in my pictures. I wanted to love these because they are BA looking, but I’m not even keeping them for leisure wear. I found the original gen on another site and bought 4. Looks like I’ll be hoarding shoes again until I can’t find them anywhere and I’ll be forced to find a new shoe. Again. Under Armour, bring back the original Sonic (and Gemini).

Great feature added with mapmyrun app!

Was pretty impressed with the UA HOVR technology. Fun to use when running. Was also able to use while working out in elliptical too! Colors are vibrant. I have had so many compliments!

Très beau produit

Très belle paire de chaussure et confortable. Néanmoins, elles taillent petites, je vous conseille de prendre une taille au dessus de celle que vous prenez habituellement. .

Great shoes

After several trial and errors with different UA HOVR models and shoe sizes, I settled on a pair of Sonic 3, which offered the best fit for my narrow and slim feet. I normally wear UK size 5-5.5, 5.5 with Nike FlyKnits, and got a size 6 of those. Another option was Machina, but I liked the look of Sonic 3 more and thought I could wear them daily as well. I wore them at home for a few days before finally taking them out for a run today and I felt like these shoes encouraged me to run faster! I didn't use the real-time coaching because I did not bother with wearing earphones, but I was quite satisfied with the insights and helpful coaching tips provided by the app after my run. The only downside is that mine are very white and it will be very hard to keep them that way. Thank you!

Habt Geduld!

Optik und Verarbeitung überzeugten gleich, das Tragegefühl hat mir allerdings Geduld abverlangt. Nach 2,3 Wochen bin ich mit dem Modell warm geworden, gefühlt dürfte es für mich immer noch etwas mehr Dämpfung sein, allerdings begleitet er mich bei Langstrecken sehr zuverlässig. Wir freunden uns mit jedem Lauf wieder neu miteinander an - keine (Leistungs-) Liebe auf den 1. Blick aber gerne darin unterwegs.

Sonic 3

These new shoes are so comfortable and they feel like I’m walking on a soft pillow


Ich hatte vorher den Sonic 2. Der Sonic 3 ist ziemlich fest, d.h. gefühlt nicht elastisch. Die Stabilität ist dadurch natürlich gut, für mich aber gewöhnungsbedürftig.


Surprise says it all!! I've ran in Under Armour shoes before--preupdates with the HOVR technology, etc and they were terrible to run in. I would slip on the pavement when it was wet. I had to go up a size; then go down a size--on the same model of shoe. With these shoes, even though they warned they ran small, have fit like a glove!!!--and it was size I was concerned about, especially considering I am coming back from a stress-fracture surgery in my foot and it is still a little swollen. But no worries--they fit like a glove at my normal shoe size. I am so incredibly pleased!! Grateful I got these on sales; that I bought the right pair (because I did do some research before I purchased them). I love these shoes and I am so relieved that they did not disappoint, despite the warnings of them running small. To me they run perfectly!!!