Scarpe da corsa UA SpeedForm™ XC Trail da uomo

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Scarpe da corsa UA SpeedForm™ XC Trail da uomo

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Con UA SpeedForm™ Apollo abbiamo ridefinito le regole della costruzione delle scarpe. Realizziamo ogni scarpa in una fabbrica di abbigliamento al fine di ottenere la calzata precisa, la sensazione e il comfort che ti aspetti dall'abbigliamento performance di Under Armour. Questa è la scarpa che eravamo destinati a creare.
  • La tecnologia UA Storm respinge l'acqua senza compromettere la traspirabilità o aggiungere peso
  • L'innovativa tecnologia UA SpeedForm™ consente di rimanere completamente concentrati durante la corsa
  • Tallone senza cuciture con grip in silicone per una calzata stabile e anatomica
  • Il contrafforte in TPU aumenta la stabilità senza appesantire
  • Cuciture impercettibili realizzate a ultrasuoni con nastro Bemis per una calzata aderente stabile e confortevole
  • Tomaia micro perforata con saldatura a ultrasuoni per una traspirabilità durevole
  • Il sottopiede 4D Foam® sagomato si adatta perfettamente alla forma del piede, così da prevenire eventuali slittamenti
  • La schiuma Micro G® su tutta la lunghezza trasforma atterraggi ammortizzati in salti esplosivi
  • Suola anatomica per una calzata naturale e prestazioni elevate
  • La struttura carrarmato ad alta trazione si estende fino alla soletta ed è concepita per garantire aderenza e stabilità ineguagliabili su percorsi fuoristrada
  • Differenziale: 8 mm
  • Peso: 240 g
  • Prodotto importato


È questo ciò che differenzia i nostri prodotti da tutti gli altri: sono semplicemente più resistenti e intelligenti.


Più leggera e più liscia delle schiume tradizionali, la schiuma UA Micro G garantisce prestazioni ultra reattive e aderenza ottimale al suolo per una maggiore stabilità e un comfort naturale.


Abbiamo ridefinito le regole delle calzature ideando la prima scarpa realizzata in una fabbrica di reggiseni. Il rivoluzionario tallone modellato senza cuciture offre comfort e prestazioni impareggiabili grazie ad una calzata precisa senza precedenti.

36 Recensioni

My favorite shoe - Style, comfort & performance

I have 6 pair of these. I absolutely love the design and color combinations. I cant find the black/white combo and want a pair so bad in size 12 or 11.5. I wish under armour would keep making these!!! The fit is great for training and running. They breath well. I am 55, 6'1", 208# and 33" waste. I work out daily with weights and occasional interval training

Comfortable and versatile training shoe

I bought this shoe mainly to train for adventure/ocr races. My daily trail runs do not normally require my lugged ENV-8 OCR shoes. The grip is suitable for most mountain bike trails I run and the shoe is comfortable enough for some cross training and I tend to wear them a lot more than expected. I normally buy 12.5 shoes and a size 12 fit well. I have a little more than 50 miles and 2k+ purpees on these specific shoes and they have held up well considering. I have a tear in the toe-box fabric and the front curl up of the shoe base is starting to separate. I would not call this out as a negative since all the damage is from doing things like kicking rocks and roots. 80% of those 50 miles were hard miles. The only negative I'll call out is also partially what makes them so comfortable. The stretch at the back of the heel is a little looser than I'd like to see. Mud and water can easily pull your shoe off if you are not careful. I've now retired these shoes and wear them around the house because they are so comfortable. I don't think these are sold anymore, but I would consider buying them again from a 3rd party overstock place since I'm not sure if I want the high-top version of the shoe.

Men's UA SpeedForm® XC Trail - Great buy for crossfit training

Really love these shoes!...Light-weight, comfortable, and the performance is really good. I bought this for crossfit training in mind - and it was an excellent choice. The fit perfectly hugs my feet, and when doing box jumps, berpees or sprint running that hug is what I need. I generally dont like wide-front shoes, theres too much play for my Crossfit: highly-recommended Running: Nope

I bought these shoes for trail hiking and casual Mountain Biking

Because these are the lightest trail shoes I have found I was expecting them to be too light to offer enough support to be good hiking shoes. I was wrong! These are great hiking shoes with enough support to get the job done and they also have the fantastic grip that you would expect from a good trail shoe. Probably the best I've tried on the loose over hardpack.

Great for the trail not a lot on the concrete

I bought these hiking with the wife and work. I pump gas and needed something light weight and water resistant. They cover all of that except for the support, 4 hrs into my shift and my feet were killing me. Other than that, great shoe, runs a little small, tight in he toe.

Just Amazing

I immediately fell in love with these shoes, I bought them with the intention of just using them for trail running but now i,m reluctant to take them off at all... they are just so comfortable no matter what i'm doing and the fact they're so lightweight just tops it off perfectly! Thanks to the slight give in the material they are easy to slip on and off, but when they're on and properly lased up they are brilliantly secure. Great maneuverability, flexibility, grip, traction, stability... I could go on. A great quality shoe and will definitely turn to them in the future for far more than just off-roading! (I had to put size as medium, in shoe sizes I am a UK 8.5)

Grippy,Comfy, Cooly

These shoes rock! I've only had them for about a month and normally UA shoes break, especially thin shoes,but these hold up very well. these shoes also grip amazingly you can feel the ground being moved by you. they have soft soles so they are very comfy and they fit well. Plus everyone thinks there Cool everyone notices them, in conclusion they're awesome.

Amazing Shoes!!

I ordered a pair of these bad boys for a Tough Mudder. I was hesitant at first as these were my first pair of UA shoes. Im so happy I did. I trained in them leading up to the event with no issues. They broke in very nicely. As for the event, the shoes went through water, mud, up and down obstacles with no problems! Best of all, after cleaning them, they look brand new. These are now my go-to training shoes. Highly recommend.

Just Perfect !

Bought these shoes for Football-Training. I am a DB , therefore we do a lot of Cuts and Breaks , thus you need top grip otherwise you slip and tumble. Especially if it is wet. Ever since i wear them i slipped not one single time, also under rainy conditions. Great Grip, Feels great , no discomfort (not at all). If you're looking for Grip/Speed . Then these are definitely the shoes you need.

Sceptique mais tres bon produit

On nous vends les mérites du gel pour les articulation. J'ai eu une paire de pompe de sport en Gel au bout de 500 Km je me suis flingué les articulations. Je me suis tourné après pas mal de recherche sur ce produit. J'avoue être très sceptique sur le coté Mousse et non Gel. Mais maintenant je ne le quitte plus. Elles sont parfaites, amortie au top, le confort est absolu et les km défile sans cesse. Je suis donc ravi de cette paire de chaussure qui de plus est très jolie comparer à pas mal de model sport très .... moche :) Bref, je n'ai plus mal nul part, et je cours tous les jours. Elles sont parfaite, en tout cas pour moi :D sportivement