Scarpe running UA Fat Tire Low Trail da uomo

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Scarpe running UA Fat Tire Low Trail da uomo

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VAI IN POSTI SCONOSCIUTI. Ispirata alle gomme extra grandi montate sulle "Fat Bike", la suola Michelin® Wild Gripper offre una straordinaria aderenza sui terreni in pendenza e prestazioni all-terrain.
  • Tomaia in tessuto robusto con pannelli anti-abrasione sovrapposti
  • Gli articoli UA Storm presentano una finitura DWR che respinge l'acqua senza compromettere la traspirabilità
  • Charged Foam su tutta la lunghezza: ammortizzante E reattiva. La maggior parte delle schiume presenta una delle due qualità, ma Charged Foam le possiede entrambe.
  • La suola Michelin® Wild Gripper in gomma presenta una struttura carrarmato ad alta trazione per garantire aderenza e stabilità su ogni tipo di terreno
  • Peso: 225 g
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È questo ciò che differenzia i nostri prodotti da tutti gli altri: sono semplicemente più resistenti e intelligenti.


Non appena noti la presenza di Charged Cushioning sotto i piedi, ti viene voglia di correre. Si tratta dell'evoluzione più avanzata in termini di energia: assorbe l'impatto della falcata e lo trasforma in un livello di comfort reattivo mai provato prima d'ora.

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Great Trail Shoes

I love these shoes. It is my second pair and they are fantastic on the trail.

STURDY shoes

These shoes have over 1000 walking miles on them. I use them for long hikes and walks on varying terrain. 2/3 of the miles were on dirt roads and trails, while the other 1/3 were on asphalt. They are comfortable and work well here in Minnesota where there is a lot of snow and wet conditions. They are warm even though they are not waterproof. I love them so much that I will wear them until they come apart. The only thing that has worn out so far is the heel and the eyelets are made from fabric loops they fail easily and I made my own holes for eyelets for some of the missing loops and I still use them with a little duct tape!! I love these shoes, thanks UA!!


It will be very hard to wear anything else after these... Please make more models and darker colors...


This is one of the best products ever made by UA. On almost every web site the product is rated top notch. Why discontinue a sucessful line and supplement with an unknown? BRING BACK THE FAT TIRE LOW!!!

These made it through an Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike!

Just about a month ago I completed a "Thru-Hike" of the Appalachian Trail. That's approximately 2,190 miles, from Maine to Georgia, and it took me 5 months and 3 days. The entire trip, the UA Fat Tire was the only pair of shoes I used. I went through a total of 3 pairs, (one Mid pair and two lows) which is a lot less than most people (unless they used old school 20lbs leather boots). I would talk to hikers who were on their 5th pair when I was only on my second. And these were people wearing Salomons, Brooks, Merrells, etc., the biggest brands in trail shoes. None of them held up or performed like the Fat Tire. They are easily the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn. Obviously, with the thick midsole you won't have much "trail feel" but personally I don't mind that at all. The traction is great and performs well even on wet rocks. Even when the traction nubs were worn down to almost nothing I wasn't slipping because the rubber compound is awesome. A bit soft and therefore prone to wear a bit more quickly than some other shoes but then again I was walking about 15-20 miles in them every day over rocks and roots. the materials are comfortable and durable, no complaints there, and lockdown is great. I found that the rounded outsole actually rolled my foot back to center position instead of causing me to roll my ankle or lose my balance. The heel to toe transition is beautiful and almost feels as if the shoe is propelling you forward. Amazing shoe, great work Under Armour!


I just received the Fat Tire trail running shoe. The feel of the shoe is untraditional, but in a very good way. This may be the most comfortable athletic shoe that I have ever worn. The cushion provided is top of the line. The shoe is attractive, it looks much better in person than in the picture. It you are looking for extreme comfort and an attractive well built running shoe, this is it.

Great Product

I broke my left tibial plateau really bad none weight bearing for 3 months, yes it sucked. When I finally got weaned off crutches and got a little strength back in my leg to walk I used these fat tires to walk in. They were a little tippy and rolled some probably due to my weakness but the cushion in the soles were a big help. I wear them about every day to help protect from pounding my knee while walking on concrete. I do believe they helped in my recovery. I would like to see further products in this line maybe a shoe with a flatter sole like a standard shoe like this > | instead of the curvy arched > ) . I do like the original sole of course but just like to see maybe a little different sole option. Also a wish list item for the Turkey Hunter would be a Waterproof Snakeproof Fat Tire 14-16" height boot would be killer for me walking the Ozark Mountains. Anyway love this product!

Great Climbing Shoes

As a 72 year old I do less running and more climbing and I find these trainers to be ideal on the less grippy parts of the trail and they are extremely comfortable for long hikes. I have to wear thin socks with my size 7 as they are snug and if I was buying again I would probably go up a half size to 7.5. All in all they are proving to be the best trainers I have ever bought.

Not a technical trail shoe

I bought these shoes for trail running here in utah. After a few runs iv decided to go back to my old shoes. What I love about the shoes: The comfort. It has a little bigger toe box compared to other trail shoes. The shoe is probably the most cushioned shoe I've worn. It does take a little to get used to but I love them for everyday wearing or standing all day at work. Things I don't like: While using them trail running the shoe wanted to roll a lot in rocky terrain. That got old really fast. I don't think this would be a big problem if you run on smooth trails. I think if they made the back of the shoe another 1/2"-1" taller it would help support the ankle from rolling. The shoe laces also seem to start to dig into the top of your foot across the top eyelets as you start to run. All together I would recommend the fat tire to anyone except those who run technical trails.

This is a great shoe.

I was getting ready to go to Japan for a two week vacation. The last time I was in Japan, I did a ton of walking and my feet were constantly sore. I was trying to find a good shoe that could handle all of the various walking surfaces I would encounter on my next trip: asphalt, concrete, gravel, dirt, cobblestone, stone, and everything in between. These shoes were awesome. On average I walked over 8.5 miles a day, walking as much as 10.5 miles one day. I would highly recommend these shoes. I normally wear a 10.5 shoes and bought size 11 based on UA's shoe fit guide--they fit perfectly.