T-shirt con collo a V Tactical HeatGear® Compression da uomo

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Altezza modello: Taglia: Vestibilità: Compressione
T-shirt con collo a V Tactical HeatGear® Compression da uomo

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DNA prodotto

  • Compressione: Ultra aderente come una seconda pelle
  • ATTENZIONE! Questo prodotto può fondere se esposto a calore estremo o a fiamme vive, con il conseguente rischio di lesioni gravi in caso di contatto del prodotto fuso con la pelle.
  • Il tessuto HeatGear® leggero testato sul campo regala una confortevole sensazione di aderenza alla pelle, morbida ma al contempo robusta
  • La struttura elasticizzata in 4 direzioni migliora la mobilità e accelera l'asciugatura, mantenendo la forma
  • L'esclusivo sistema di trasporto del sudore verso l'esterno mantiene freschi e asciutti regalando una sensazione di leggerazza
  • La tecnologia antiodore previene la proliferazione microbica responsabile della formazione di cattivi odori, mantenendo gli indumenti più freschi più a lungo
  • Le cuciture ergonomiche riducono le irritazioni
  • Il collo a V con logo Tactical tono su tono rende questo capo perfetto da indossare sotto la divisa
  • Poliestere/Elastan 127 g


È questo ciò che differenzia i nostri prodotti da tutti gli altri: sono semplicemente più resistenti e intelligenti.


La particolare innovazione immaginata dal nostro fondatore mentre sudava sotto il cocente sole estivo. Questo tessuto altamente traspirante espelle il sudore e regola la temperatura corporea per farti sentire più fresco, più asciutto e più leggero che mai.

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91 Recensioni

Please make available in tall sizes

The only thing stopping me from replacing all of my current undershirts with these is the lack of tall sizes. Love the fit and look, but needs an extra few inches in length for us tall folks. I'd have no problem paying a few dollars more for tall lengths.

Top Quality

I initial purchased one of these shirts and was so impressed with the quality and fit, I now own over 10 of these. The material feels pleasant against my skin, does not hold moisture and has held up very well. Use these as an undershirt and it will give you a more toned look and hold in the extra fluff. If you have a nice shape, these will make it look better. So far no stretching or signs or wear at all and I wear and wash these regularly.

Great, but needs more colors.

Please add more color options for this excellent shirt!

Good Item

I like the material and fit. The main down side is with the white ones is the material is a little thin so your nipples will show and it looks awkward. At east that is for me

Comfort, style, looks, and performance...UA are you listening we need MORE COLORS PLEASE!!!

Best compression shirt. A+ for Comfort, style, looks, and performance. -ve for less colors................. come on UA its high time add more colors I same feedback was given over a year back but team has not add colors why you don't want business?

Seams cause irritation and chafing

Despite having "Ergonomic seam placement reduces irritation and chafing", I find the side seams cause a lot of irritation on my skin. I bought both the v-neck and crew neck version of this shirt and have problems with side seams on both shirts. I don't recall having this problem on other Under Armour compression shirts. You won't notice this if you're just trying on the shirt for a few minutes, but after a whole day of wear and moving around, you'll notice the irritation from the seams.

Make Tall sizes

The amount of stretch/compression is perfect for daily use as an undershirt. I'm a size large and it was exactly skin tight but not uncomfortable in any way. It is extremely comfortable to wear all day. Unfortunately, I'm going to hold off on buying more of these until we see tall sizes and I guess I'll stick to the UA HeatGear Armor. With my height 6'2" I can pull off the regular size but I'd much prefer a bit more length. UA offers tall sizes on the UA Heatgear Armor and it would be a great addition to this lineup. I would resoundingly say this is the best undershirt money can buy if this was offered. (but please keep the sleeve style and length unchanged. The sleeves on the UA HeatGear Armor shirts are a bit too long, otherwise I'd just use those as the logo isn't usually an issue for me. V-Neck is perfect if you don't want to show undershirt with a dress shirt or polo

Awesome bit of kit

Love it, i wear the heat gear and cold gear compression tops all day long, bought this one to wear under a white shirt, the V-neck and the lack of grey details on the seams makes it perfect. Will be buying a few more. The material is so soft you dont even notice you're wearing it.

Top Qualität !

Endlich gibt es enganliegende Funktionsshirts auch mal mit V-Ausschnitt ! Dezent aber Sportlich.... In gewohnter Top Qualität. Ich werd mir davon noch nen Stapel zulegen :)))


- Top quality product.. - I'd read the reviews with concerns over length.. unfounded.. they ideal length for active working - I wore mine under a work shirt for 13 hours of wedding photography - lots of bending, twisting & lugging kit & never had to adjust it at all - forgot it was on - ideal. - Feels great & no labels showing - low on the body, of the garment hidden under belt line. - bought 2 will be buying a couple more.